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Effective Jan 31st 2013 a Paraguay visa can now be obtained on arrival in Paraguay at most airports and border points. Travelers wishing to apply for a 10 year multiple entry visa can do so by appearing in person at the Consulate. 



The NON-RESIDENT Visas on Arrival are provided at the "Silvio Pettirossi" International Airport in Asunción, Paraguay. Those visas will only be valid for the maximum period of ninety (90) days.

The requirements to obtain the Visa on Arrival are:

1. Valid passport.

2. Payment IN CASH for the established amount.

Costs for the Visas on Arrival are as follows:

•Citizens of AUSTRALIA U$S 135.00
•Citizens of CANADA U$S 150.00
•Citizens of UNITED STATES OF AMERICA U$S 160.00
•Citizens of NEW ZELAND U$S 140.00
•Citizens of REPUBLIC OF CHINA (TAIWAN) U$S 100.00
•Citizens of RUSSIA U$S 160.00

Only citizens of the countries listed above can obtained the Visa on Arrival. Citizens of others countries must apply previously at this Embassy in person.

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