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International Information

Replacing Lost/Stolen Passport
Replacing Lost/Stolen Passport


Proof of US Citizenship(at least 1 required):

1) Original or State Certified U.S. Birth Certificate.

2) Original Certificate of Birth Abroad for a U.S. Citizen; or Original Naturalization Certificate.

3) Original old U.S. Passport (Photocopies will not be accepted)

Proof of Photo ID:

1) Copy of valid Driver's License which is at least 12 months old. If your license is less than 12 months old, additional proof of Photo ID may be required to submit (f.o. school yearbook, work/school photo ID).

2) If your Driver's License was revoked or suspended, a copy of your letter of suspension/revocation from the Department of Motor Vehicles and State ID will be required to submit.


1) 1 recent original passport size quality photo is required. Must be 2 inches by 2 inches and must strictly be with white background and no shadow.

2) Effective immediately: Applicants are no longer allowed to wear glasses in their passport-style photos submitted with DS-11 form.

Proof of Departure:

1) Very Important! Without proof of travel, you will not be considered an expedite case. A copy of your travel itinerary, air tickets, or letter from your employer will be require for a sameday processing. Travel date must occur within two weeks from moment submission occurs.

Government fees:

1) Adults $190.00 and $35.00

2) Children (Under 16) $160.00 and $35.00

3) Passport Card additional $30.00

Please note: Fees must be paid by check or money order.

Letter of Authorization:

1) You must complete and include Two (2) original"Letter of Authorization"with your request. It must contain your original signature and must be completed properly.

2) If completed incorrectly, your request will remain on hold.

Application DS-11 and DS-64:

1) Complete the new online version of theDS-11 andDS-64but DO NOT sign your application. Once you have finalized the app, you will have to click on "Create Form" to have printing options. You must print out two (2) copies of the applications.

Acceptance Facility:

1) Once you have gathered all above requirements, applicant must present documents to a localPassport Acceptancefacility. This is considered the "signing and witnessing" process. You will sign all forms in front of agent at facility, and they will then seal an envelope with all requirements and hand over that sealed envelope back to you. You will not be allowed to open the envelope once sealed.

2) You will then gather the additional copy of the DS-11 and DS-64 form (keep in mind; you are required to print two copies originally), additional copy of the Letter of Authorization, and send along with the sealed envelope.

WPVS fees:

  • One Week processing: $550.00
  • Two Weeks processing: $450.00

** Credit card payment for WPVS Fee must send outside of the sealed envelope.


Please forward completed required to address below:

Washington Passport & Visa Service

Attn: Passport Department

2318 18th Street NW Suite 200

Washington, DC 20009

Revised 6/1/2022