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A passport is required. For U.S. passport holders, a visa is required.

Application Procedure for Biometric visa SENEGAL

For visa application, online payment is compulsory. All information related to visa application process are available on the website:

The visa applicant pays the visa fee online with a credit card.


The Embassy of Senegal informed start issuing biometric visas from Washington DC Monday, October 28, 2013.

Interested parties should make their first online registration or before present to the consular section equipped with the following documents:

 Passport valid

  • The ticket or booking
  • The hotel reservation or proof of accommodation 
  • The receipt of payment of visa 
  • received the pre-acceptance of visa

Time submitted: 10am to 13h.

Withdrawal time: 15h to 16h.


The embassy of Senegal is pleased to inform the starting of the Issuance of the biometric visas in Washington DC since Monday, October 28th 2013.

Travelers shoulds first pre-register online gold before coming to the Embassy with the Following documentation:

  • A valid passport
  • The plane ticket or a copy of the itinerary 
  • The reservation of the accommodation or letter for the duration of the stay
  • The payment receipt for the visa
  • The print out of the pre-approval of the visa

Drop off: 10h to 13h.

Pick up:   15h to 16h.

Biometric Visa Application

Visa application procedure for Biometric SENEGAL


For Visa application, online payment is required. All information related to visa application process are available on the website:

The visa applicant pays the visa fee online with a credit card.


  • Step 1: Payment


The visa fee amounts to 50 euros (excluding processing fees) for the visa 0 and 90 days .

  1. Payment on the site at pre-enrollment online with a card VISA or MASTERCARD . When payment is made ​​for the biometric visa, the applicant will receive two emails  :

-       A first email containing the unique, personal code of proof of payment

-       A second email is the Pre-Visa or Let Disembark (agreement or refusal of the competent authority)

NB: It is mandatory to have the Pre-Visa, Let Disembark for Boarding planes.

  1. Payment of fees at the airport at the cash Ecobank will be installed nearby stations rescues visa (possibility of paying by cash or credit card). Such payment is subject to special missions (group who comes seminar, people who come to emergency, sports groups ) .


  • Step 2: Request for VISA


The visa applicant the opportunity to be pre-enroll online or consulate.

  1. 1.    Pre-enrollment online

After making the payment the applicant fills out a form available online, attached all required documentation and send the request by clicking on "Submit".

  1. 2.    Pre-enrollment at the Consulate General or Embassy

After the online payment visa applicant went to the consulate with the receipt of payment, complete the form on site and is enrolled. The consular officer shall issue a receipt of deposit and an appointment for the removal of visa.




  • Step 3: Receiving confirmation document (in the case of pre-enrollment online)


With the approval of the application: the visa applicant receives in his email a confirmation document or "  let land  "on which there is a bar code that contains all the text information of the visa applicant and provides information about the procedure for adding biometric data (location, hours, supplements documents ...).


  • Step 4: Enrolment at the Consulate or at the airport


The applicant makes or consulate to his enlistment at the airport upon arrival.

1 -    At the Consulate General in New York or The Embassy

The applicant goes to the Consulate General or Embassy with "laissez-land" to enlist. Once on site. The enrollment of the petitioner is to register their biometric data at the end of which a receipt is issued his enlistment. The visa is issued within 48 hours after confirmation of authority.

Received the enrollment contains the following data:

- The place where the received date and time of recording biometric data, information about the identity of the applicant.

2 -    At the airport

The applicant sailed with "  let land  ", on his arrival at the airport it is presented to the" Visa Airport "area where he made ​​his biometric enrollment before obtaining the entry visa.


  • Step 5: Removing the visa-issuance


The visa application is treated within 48 hours after enrollment. The applicant went personally to the Consulate having received his enlistment for the withdrawal of his visa.



Issuing visas to members of the staff of diplomatic and consular missions and international organizations accredited to Senegal, members of their families, and to holders of diplomatic and service passports or official passports.

            These categories of persons benefit from diplomatic visa or courtesy visa issued at the Embassy . These Visas are free .

Travel documents required for visa applications  :

1 - Diplomatic Passports

2 - Passport Service

3 - Official Passports

4 - red and blue Laissez-Passer United Nations

5 - Laissez-Passer African Union

6 - European Union Laissez-Passer

7 - Special Passport


The holders of these travel must submit a formal letter of invitation or a mission order .

 Download Application form:  click here


Are also visa waiver, Diplomatic passport holders and / or service whose countries have signed an agreement with Senegal Waiver of visa according to the table below:





Diplomatic and Service









Diplomatic and Service


Republic of Congo (Brazzaville)

Diplomatic, Service and Ordinary



Diplomatic, Service and Ordinary

To stay not exceeding 90 days











Diplomatic and Service

Stay for a month


Diplomatic, Service and Ordinary

Regular: for officials with the mission order


Diplomatic and Service



Diplomatic, Service and Ordinary

For stays of less than 90 days


Diplomatic and Service








Central African Republic

Diplomatic, Service and Ordinary



Diplomatic and Service



Diplomatic, Service and Ordinary

For a stay not exceeding 90 days


Diplomatic and Service




For Citizens Senegalese binational

            Senegalese citizens with dual nationality are Visa waivers if they have one of the following identities parts

-       A Senegalese Passport valid

-       A national identity card Scanned valid.


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