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International Information

Replacing Lost/Stolen Passport
Replacing Lost/Stolen Passport


                             THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENTS ARE REQUIRED:
 Proof of U.S Citizenship:
o       Original or state certified U.S. birth certificate; or
o       Original Certificate of Birth Abroad for a U.S. Citizen; or
o       Original Naturalization Certificate
o       (Photocopies or hospital certificates are not accepted).
  Proof of Photo I.D:
o       A valid driver's license which is at least 12 months old
o       If your license is less than 12 months old a photocopy of your license indicating renewal or driving record might be required.
o       If your license was revoked or suspended, a copy of your letter of suspension / revocation from the motor vehicle department and state ID will be required.
o       Two recent original passport size quality photos
o       Must be 2"" x 2"" color only
Effective immediately, applicants are no longer allowed to wear glasses in their passport-style photos submitted with DS-11 and DS-64 form.
  Proof of Departure:
o       Very Important!  Without proof of travel you will not be considered an expedite case. A copy of your itinerary, air tickets or letter from your employer is required for 3 day  processing, must travel within two weeks, not required for 5, 7 or 10 day processing.
o       The State Department expedites passports based on travel date or need for travel visas.
Government fees:
o       Adults                   $170.00 and  $25.00
o       Children               $140.00 and  $25.00
Please note checks:
$170 and $140 are payable to "" DEPARTMENT OF STATE""
                                    $25 is payable ""US Postmaster or Clerk of Court""
  Letter of Authorization:
o       You must complete and include TWO original letters of authorization signed in Blue Ink
o       Click here to print a letter of Authorization
o       One copy of this letter, with original signature in BLUE INK, should be placed inside your sealed envelope by the passport clerk and the other should be paper-clipped outside of your sealed envelope.
 Completed application form DS-11 & DS-64:
o       Complete the new Online Version of the DS-11 form, and DS-64 form, but do not sign your application.You MUST print and submit TWO copies of your completed application DS-11 and DS-64.
o       NOTE:
o       New Passport Agency Requirement, you Must submit a photocopy of your complete application DS-11 and DS-64 for inclusion in the FedEx Envelope, paper-clipped to the outside of the sealed envelope ( All question must be answered )
o        Present your documents and your form to the PASSPORT ACCEPTOR for the ""signing and witnessing"". Your documents will be placed in an envelope and ""sealed"". Request  the ""sealed"" envelope containing your documents and send it to us. Do not open your envelope.
o       Please note: Both parents must appear before the passport acceptor for the ""signing and witnessing"" when applying for children, age 16 years and under.
o       NOTE:
WPVS SERVICE FEE: (Money orders or company checks made payable to WPVS)
                                           (Credit Card click here) Personal checks are not accepted
            ____   10 business day processing       -         $ 100.00
            ____    7  business day processing       -         $ 150.00
            ____    5  business day processing       -         $ 200.00
            ____    3  business day processing       -         $ 250.00
            ____    Mon-Fri. Return fee                   -         $  25.00
            ____    Saturday Return fee                  -         $  50.00

**A copy of your itinerary, air tickets or letter from your employer is required for 3 day processing, must travel within two weeks, not required for 5, 7 or 10 day processing.

Please forward the completed requirements detailed above to:

                   2318 18TH ST NW STE 200
                    WASHINGTON DC 20009

Revised 04/07/2017