Washington Passport and Visa Service has been providing superior travel documentation service for over 25 years. During this time, we have mastered the documentation process in order to serve our customer the best. WPVS prides itself on quality, hassle-free and efficient processes which allows us to be the agency of choice.  In addition to efficiency, we offer an array of services which includes but is not limited to: visa processing for business and tourist travel, passport processing for new applications and renewals, restricted passports, passport amendments and name changes, airport pickup and delivery, and group rates.

We offer fast, dependable processing that takes the headache out of travel preparation. Whether you are a first time or seasoned traveler, allow our professional staff to handle all of your documentation needs. We appreciate your business and valued support!

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Embassy of India March 21, 2019

Embassy of Suriname March 21, 2019

Embassy of Zambia March 21, 2019

Embassy of Bangladesh March 26, 2019

Consulate News:

1/24/2018- Brazil e-visas are now available for citizens of Australia, Canada, Japan and USA. Contact WPVS agent for assistance on request!

03/01/2018- Turkey Government has resumed issuance of e-Visas for US Citizens. Visit our instruction Guide for additional information.